It’s good to dream – my bucket list 2020

Dreams are good for you.

I don’t think anyone achieves all of their dreams in a lifetime but… I thinks its good to hope that these things might happen one day. I’ve always had a list of things I would like to do but I’ve never written them down. If I had made a list, then I think I would have ticked so many dreams off my list already. Here are some of the things I have already achieved:-

  • Get a mortgage on my own (this is one of my greatest ever achievements)
  • Get Married (this changed my life and made me so happy)
  • Go to Walt Disney World (visited for the first time in 2018 and it was everything I hoped)
  • Visit San Francisco (visited in 2017 as my brother lives there)
  • Visit Italy (I travelled around Italy with my brother in 2008 and Gareth and Aoife is 2012
  • Run a Half Marathon – I have one the Great North Run twice – once dressed as a banana and once as me!
  • Volunteer – I have been volunteering at a refugee project for the past six months
  • Go to New York – I visited New York in 2007 with my mam, brother and Aoife
  • Go to a festival – I went to T in the Park and took the boys to their first festival last summer.

I have managed to achieve all of these dreams although there are still some that haven’t happened such as learning to drive, learning a language, writing a book and going to Glastonbury. However, just because these dreams haven’t happened yet, I hope one day they will.

Walt Disney World 2018

Its ok to have dreams that don’t come true. There can always be factors outside of our control that may jeopardise your dreams. For example, I would LOVE to protect my children for the rest of their life, but that simply isn’t possible? On the other hand I think that you can make some dreams come true, whether that is through hard work or luck.

So this is my Bucket List for 2020, I would love to tick as many of these off this list as I can, but if I don’t then I’ll take them into 2021….

(1) Visit Disneyland California – this has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I love History, so the thought of stepping into the original Disneyland that Walt envisioned and created gives me shivers. I know I will cry, I can’t wait to walk down Main Street and imagine how Walt must have felt when he saw all of his dreams come to life. We are travelling to California this May as a family. I really want to share this trip with Gareth, the boys and Aoife. My brother is also coming, despite living in California for five years, he has waited to go to Disneyland as he wanted to experience it with me….. this makes me very happy.

(2) Go on a cruise – I have always wanted to go on a cruise, I love the thought of visiting a number of different places on one trip. It must be amazing to set sail from one country and wake up in another. I have watched lots of youtube videos and the ships always look so gorgeous and the entertainment looks incredible. Obviously, I would love to go on a Disney cruise but I would equally love cruise on which I could explore the various countries and their history and cultures.

(3) Learn to drive – I can hear some of you thinking “what, she doesn’t drive already?” I have been learning since I was 17, on and off but it has just never happened for me. It has been a goal for each year, but something always stops me from doing it. I keep telling James that one day we will have a camper van and travel around in it, I honestly believe that will happen one day. I think 2020 is the year I finally pass my driving test.

(4) Visit Cornwall – Do you know when someone mentions a place and you say “ah I’ve always wanted to go there?” That is how I feel about Cornwall. I really hope that we manage to visit here this year. I would actually love to stay at a caravan there as some amazing looking sites along that coastline. It is such a beautiful part of the UK and Cornwall seems so far away from Newcastle so it would certainly bee a long drive but I have a sneaky feeling that we will love it there.

Tim or James – Universal Studios

(5) Find a Fossil with James – I am sure that if you guys have followed for a long time will know that James’s first love is Dinosaurs.He has loved them since he was a baby and he still lines them all up and organises them into different species. Any how…. I have always wanted to take him to Dorset and have a little Fossil hunt along the Jurassic coastline. I just think it would be such an awesome adventure. I mean, I don’t necessarily have to go there, maybe we might find one in California or even here in the North East. One day… we will be like real Palaeontologists.

(6) Climb a Mountain – When I was a little girl, we climbed hills and Mountains quite a lot up in Scotland on holidays. No matter where we went on holiday, my dad would always go off and climb some nearby mountain. He would take a mirror to shine down to us so we could see him. I probably never actually saw the flashing mirror but I always used to imagine that I did. So yeah, I’d like to climb a mountain for health reasons and a sense of achievement.

7) Go to a Disney Premiere -now thisis probably a dream for all big Disney fans and I honestly hope that one day it will happen. It must be amazing to attend a premiere with the cast etc… I can’t actually imagine how it all works…This one is out of my control though, so may not happen but I’ll never give up hope!

(8) Visit Neuschwanstein Castle – it is located in southwest Germany. Every time I see a picture of this castle, I always think “ah I need to go there!” It is a such a stunning, fairytale style castle and I believe that it was during visit here with his wife Lilian that inspired Walt Disney to build his own version at Disneyland. It also has so much history inside its walls, having been completed in 1886, it managed to survive both World Wars due to its secluded location. You may also recognise it from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So yeah, one day I WILL definitely make it to this beautiful castle.

St Edwards Bay, Tynemouth

(9) Try Surfing – I mean I have no idea how I would squeeze my big old bum into a wetsuit but I really want to try surfing and I’m hoping that I can tick this off my list this year. Newcastle is actually based on the coast so there are lots of gorgeous beaches only six miles from our house. They do a surf school down at Tynemouth so I am hoping I can pop down and make this dream come true…

(10) See Sam Fender live – I love live music. I always have. My music taste changes all of the time but there is one artist that has captured my heart last year, Sam Fender. I know what you’re thinking, its just because he’s a Geordie… I mean that probably has something to do with it (so proud that he’s a local lad) but his music is awesome and I really want to see him live this year.

So, I hope you like my bucket list, I wanted it to be a mixture of achievable dreams and far reaching dreams. There is so much more I could have added but I like this ten. Let me know that your biggest dream or dreams are!

Thanks for reading

Roisin x

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